Argento Access SARL is a Luxembourg registered securitisation company. Since 2013, Argento has enabled asset managers to cost-effectively package their assets into easily purchasable investment notes. We are a team of innovators with extensive experience in understanding professional investors’ needs and interests. Our clients have varied from large property fund managers to start-up technology companies.


Centred in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is a financial hub with unparalleled human expertise in areas such as fund structuring and multi-national transactions.


The structures we offer can be easily tailored to create investable products securitising any asset class, and to satisfy the specific requirements of investors and managers alike.


The Argento team has extensive experience in structuring investments and finding bespoke client solutions.


Our services mean clients can avoid the costly and lengthy process of setting up securitisation companies from scratch. We are often able to create a new compartment to securitise assets within days rather than months.


Argento Access SARL
9-11 Rue Louvigny,
L-1946 Luxembourg